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Year 6 leavers

Goodbye Year 6

Messages from Year 6 ...

Good luck too my girlies (Meja,Demi V, Larisa, Daniele) I will miss you all.
Wishing luck to all year sixes.
Thanks to all the teachers as well for a great time, support and the knowledge that I gain during my time in Oasis Academy Pinewood. This year was full of fun and laughter (especially all the discos, parties, going to the forest and all the trips.) The other thing that I will always remember is when me and Dani walked around the whole playground singing (that was hilarious). I hope we will meet again in the near future. Thank you for everything. Goodbye xoxo

Ema J (Orangutan)

When one door closes another one opens. It's how doors work.

Keira C (Snow Leopard)

Mr Brettell, you really made school fun. You always make me laugh in class while we are learning. Your are the best teacher I have ever had. I really appreciate all the time you have spent to teach me, thank you. 

Rokas G (Orangutan)

Thank you to everyone at Oasis Academy Pinewood who supported me, even when I was struggling. I would like to thanks some amazing teachers: Miss Main and Miss Thomas. I miss all my classmates, but especially Emma F and Mihika. I will miss you all when I go to secondary school. Good luck to all year sixes with your transferring to your new schools. Thank you again. 

Marija A (Sea Turtle)

Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at the school it’s been incredible.
I would personally like to thank Mrs Gadsden for everything, the last 2 years with you have been the best! I can’t thank you enough ❤️  To all the teachers I will miss you terribly and thank you for everything xx 

Oliver S (Snow Leopard)

I have loved being a pupil at Pinewood from nursery to year 6 and made loads of friends and achieved great things! I will miss the school, the teachers and all the staff! Goodbye and good luck everyone :)  

Ricardo R (Snow Leopard)

I have been blessed with great teachers and I am ready for year 7. Thanks to all who taught me. I especially want to thank Miss Miller for helping me adjust in the juniors, the two years with you I will always remember, and Miss Main for a great start to year 6, I will never forget you. I will miss my friends that are going to different schools and to all the friends sharing the next journey with me, see you in year 7. Have a safe summer everyone.Thank you to all my teachers and friends. #lockdownleavers2020 #proudtobepinewood  xx

Lily-May W (Sea Turtle)

It has been so long, but your favourite student is finally leaving. Goodbye Pinewood.

Molly C (Sea Turtle)

After hardwork and overcoming my struggles in learning, it is finally time to move on. All of the memories and fun times that we had as a year group together. It’s sad to let go, but we have no choice.

Meja P (Orangutan)


I just want to say thank you for helping me. I will miss all my friends and teachers.

Daniele K (Orangutan)

To all of year 6 I have known many of you since nursery but made other great friends throughout the years and hope we continue to all keep in contact wish you all the best. Thank you to everyone of the teachers.

Darcie C (Orangutan)

To everyone at Oasis Academy Pinewood. I am so grateful to have met you all, I don’t know what I had done without you.  I am going to miss all of you especially Abbie, Nancy and Lilly but I am so sad to be leaving you. I wish I could bring you all.

Daisy C (Snow Leopard)

Thank you to all the teachers in Oasis Academy Pinewoods for all they have done for me from start to finish. I will definitely miss the school and all my friends there.  

Cherish J (Orangutan)

I’m very upset about having to leave. I guess it’s time to grow up! 

Larisa T (Snow Leopard) 

Thank you to all of my teachers and my friends for making my time at school so fun. I have really enjoyed it and I will miss you all.  

Nancy T (Sea Turtle)

My favourite memory was going to the football match with Mr Brettell, I will see my friends soon.

Drayton D (Sea Turtle)

Goodbye and good luck everyone! 

Jesse-James C (Sea Turtle)

B y e, I will miss MOST of you. Especially Cherish cause y'know, she my best friend n' all. Good luck in your new schools. 

Hannah R (Orangutan)

I will miss all my friends and my teachers that I had I will miss you all and come visit whenever ❤

Abbie S (Snow Leopard)

Goodbye and good luck in secondary school to everyone and good luck to all the teachers in their new classes. See you soon!

Kylan T (Snow Leopard)

Messages from staff ...

Dear year six,

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to send you all on your new adventures.  It certainly has been an unusual year for you and one we could not have imagined at the start of September last year when you were all starting year six!

I just want to say how proud we all are of you.  Think about your achievements throughout your time at Oasis Academy Pinewood!  You have coped remarkably over these past months and have continued with your learning and showed how ready you are for year seven.  You have also shown great resilience as we know it has been hard not to have your residential trip, other visits, parties and of course your SATs completed.  You are still smiling and that shows your Pinewood spirit and how strong your characters are.

Thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you to the families – we appreciate you all so much and thank you also to the staff at Pinewood who have cared for and educated you all so well.

Please come back and visit us, we want to hear about your fantastic learning journeys at your new schools. 

With my very best wishes,

Ms Elliott


Well Year 6, I can’t believe it’s the end of your time here at Pinewood. It has been an absolute pleasure watching you all achieve so many great things over the last few years. You have all grown into such kind, caring and hardworking young people, your secondary schools will be proud to have you! 

Please make sure you come back and see us, I would love to hear all about your achievements in your new schools and see you in your new uniforms of course! I will miss you all so much and I thank you for the fantastic memories I have of you. Have a brilliant summer, be safe and hopefully see you soon xx

Miss Thomas

I think you’re very special,
And I just wanted you to know,
This year has been amazing,
I’m so sad to see you go!
We’ve done a lot together,
We’ve laughed and smiled and learned,
After such an exciting journey,
Enjoy the break you’ve earned.
Remember to come and visit,
I would love to see you grow,
You have a lot to learn ahead,
But there is one thing you should know;
The thing that makes you wonderful,
And will shine through all you do,
Is just to be yourself,
And be proud that you are you.

Be happy in all that you choose to do, you will be fabulous.

Mrs Kingsman

My first ever class of Pinewoods! My first year in the nursery and you could not have been more perfect! So much kindness, love, intelligence, perfect amount of adorable cheekiness and intelligence in one class! You may be moving on to secondary school, but you’ll always be NE to me! So much love forever! Mrs Evans XxX XxX

Year 6 class of 2020. I wish everyone of you the very best in your new chapter.

You are all amazing, don’t ever doubt yourselves, always be the best you that you can be.

You will  all be missed.

Good luck.

See you sometime.

Love Miss Hammans xx

Wow! I can't believe that it is your final year in Pinewood, I remember you all walking into Reception on your first day with big smiles on your faces ready and eager to start your Pinewood journey. I'm so sad to not be able to be there to see you all on your last few days but I want to let you all know how proud you have made me over the years.

Our Reception days were so much fun, from the girls sitting and doing my hair/nails in their salons to the amazing models the boys used to make for me. You made my job such an easy one, and a pleasure to come into school every day.

You were all with me through my pregnancy and got to see baby Jack growing and met him when he was born, and were all so generous with gifts for him (Nancy - tell mum he still has his sheep comforter you bought him).

I know you are all going to go on to do amazing things because you are all smart, caring, kind, determined young people who can be whatever you want to be.

Remember always believe in yourselves like I do and never give up on your dreams!

Sending you lots of love from Wales.

Mrs Hallihan

Dear Year 6

Wishing you all the best of luck as you enter the next chapter of your life.  Stay true to yourselves and make us all proud. 

Mrs Munden

Dear Year 6

What an interesting year, so many highs including an exceptional performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream which many of you were involved in. So many new memories made. I can't believe we have ended like this but wish you all the best and know that you will do amazing things in the future.

Mrs Gadsden